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A Series 90000 Multifunction Fuel Monitoring System combines a digital LCD Engine Hour Meter, Tachometer, Fuel Flowmeter, and Fuel Totalizer in a single 86mm diameter instrument which fits the panel space of a standard tachometer. Perfect for determining the most efficient engine speed and the exact amount of fuel in your tanks. The instrument also incorporates an Engine Synchronizer Indicator (twin gas models only).  Models are available for virtually all petrol engines.
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 Model Features
  • Fits most gas engines rated from 25 hp to 2000 hp. Twin gas models available.
  • Microprocessor based electronics with 2-stage adjustable calibration of LPH & liters used for superior accuracy.
  • Simultaneous independent display of engine hour time, RPM, LPH, and liters consumed and litres per nautical mile. Twin petrol model displays l/nm for both engines
  • RPM readout accurate to 10 RPM. Easily connects to existing tach signal wires.
  • LPH and totalizer readings displayed to one decimal place.  Totalizer capacity up to 99,999 liters.
  • Dual color (amber/green) backlighting of LCD provides for easy night viewing.
  • Requires 1 Momentary ON / Constant OFF toggle button switch for resetting fuel totalizer reading. See Accessories page for recommended toggle switch for this feature.
  • Twin gas models also incorporate an Engine Synchronizer Indicator and Port/Stbd LPH selection. 2 additional SPST toggle switches are required for accessing these features. See Accessories page for recommended toggle switch  for these features.
  • Meter fits 86mm panel opening (standard tach size).  Can replace existing tachs in panel.
  • Models available in black or white (bezel/dial face).
  • Uses Model 20A, 2OB, 231, and 233 Series flow sensors designed for gas engines.
  • Fits all carbureted inboard and stern drive engines up to 350 hp.
  • Fits all EFI inboard and stern drive engines (including Mercruiser and Volvo) with closed loop fuel return systems.
  • Fits all Mercury Optimax, Evinrude Ficht, Yamaha HPDI, and Honda 4-stroke engines.
  • Fits all 2-stroke EFI outboard engines.
 Important note for the following outboard engine owners:
    - Evinrude E-Tec 2-cycle
    - Mercury Verado 4-cycle
    - Suzuki 4-cycle
    - Yamaha 4-cycle
Please confirm whether your outboard engine listed above has one or two fuel pumps (low and high pressure pump).  Earlier versions of these engines typically have a single fuel pump where a FloScan system can be used.
Newer model engines with two fuel pumps (low and high pressure) may cause the FloScan instrument's GPH or LPH readings to fluctuate between 0 GPH/LPH and approximately 25-50 GPH or 95-190 LPH depending on the lift pump and engine size.  This is due to the engine's lift, or low pressure pump, cycling on and off while filling the vapor separation module.  Though the GPH/LPH readings may not be usable under this condition, the FloScan instrument will accurately record total fuel consumption as displayed in the totalizer window.

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