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FloScan Case Studies

 Case Study: Floscan Systems Monitor Generator Fuel Use.

Fuel Inventory, Economy, Tank Levels, DataLog Software  - FloScan has a product for your commercial application.

 1) Microsoft has installed 16 FloScan Fuel Monitoring Systems at their Internet Server Farm in Quincy, Washington. The equipment is installed on CAT 3516
standby generators and are used to monitor fuel usage for NOx emission reporting.

2) Amgen (a leading human therapeutics company in the biotechnology industry) has installed over 20 FloScan systems on various Caterpillar standby generators at their main manufacturing facility located in Thousand Oaks, California. The equipment is also used to monitor fuel usage for NOx emission reporting and inventory.

3) TelMex (the national phone company of Mexico) has installed over 100 FloScan systems on an assortment of Detroit and Caterpillar generators at each telecom
substation in Mexico City and outlying areas. As a result of consistent brownouts during peak electricity grid load (6PM -6AM), Telmex now operates these
generators as their main source of substation power during this potential brownout period. Our equipment is being used to monitor fuel usage for inventory

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