85/86000 Fuel Log

SERIES 85/86000 Fuel Log

At a Glance

Fuel Log is FloScan's answer to fuel inventory. Ideal for detecting discrepencies between tank fill-up records and totalizer readings as well as possible fuel theft.
In areas where EPA air quality regulations apply, Fuel Log addresses the need for accurate flow measurement to determine baselines for NOx emission reporting.
Fuel Log can also point out poor engine performance (poor injection, failed turbo's, etc...)  Discrepancies reading will identify this problem immediately.
Fuel Log can also be used for fuel billing purposes by monitoring precise fuel consumption per job or contract.

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85/86000 Features

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 Model Features
  •  Special temperature compensated systems accurately measure and compensate for temp inconsistencies between flow and return.
  • Pulse signal output. Can be interfaced with Data Logger or Acquisition System for recording fuel usage.
  • Instantaneous net fuel burn rate.
  • Cumulative (non-resettable) fuel totalizer.   
  • Resettable fuel (job) totalizer.
  • Resettable engine (job) hour meter.
  • (+/-) 2% accuracy with retro-calibration on generator applications.
  • Models available in U.S. gallons or liters.
  • Operates on 12VDC.  32V/24V voltage reducer available upon request.
Uses include:
  • Provides accurate fuel usage data for billing purposes.
  • Possible fuel theft can be identified immediately by comparing fill-up records with totalizer reading.
  • Provides accurate fuel usage data for NOx emission reporting.
  • Cumulative fuel totalizer can be used for determining engine service intervals. 
  • Identifies poor engine performance with increases in normal fuel consumption.
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