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FloScan Australia prides themselves on providing quality, professional, and efficient service for your fuel monitoring needs.  The sole Australian agent for 15+ years we have a rich background in the fuel flow meter market. Whether you are buying a  FloScan System or just inquiring about one our site has been designed to make the correct product selection for your application and to simplify the sale process. When making your purchase we verify your sensor selection prior to dispatch, eliminating the possibility of an incorrect delivery. We assist you through the installation process and provide full product backup and ensure that you get 100% excellent customer service. 
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FloScan's proprietary flow sensors were developed to target fuel use, fuel economy and fuel inventory applications demanded by marine and commercial engine owners.
For over 40 years FloScan Instrument Company has been a world leader in Fuel Flow Monitoring Systems amassing an unmatched record of accuracy, reliability and safety. During this period over 750,000 FloScan fuel flow meters have been installed on engines in work boats, recreational vessels, trucks, general aviation aircraft, industrial generators,  automobiles and locomotives. FloScan flow meters can be fitted to all makes of diesel engines ranging from 25hp to 6000hp including Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit, EMD, John Deere, MAN, Niigata, Scania, Volvo, Wartsilla, and Yanmar to name a few. 
FloScan users are able to keep  track of engine fuel use and pinpoint their engines most fuel efficient running speeds. This data alone can improve fuel economy by 20-30%.

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To inquire about our marine fuel flowmeters don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

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